Top 10 Online Dating Questions to Ask

Top 10 Online Dating Questions to Ask

The internet is your best friend when you are a busy single with no time to frequent bars and clubs to find a dating partner. Online dating sites will come to your rescue by presenting you with an extensive database of eligible singles to choose from. The options are literally unlimited, but it comes down to how you grab hold of your desired partner. To win a date, you need to start an interesting conversation with an interesting question. For instance:

Ask about Her Life Goals

As it is an open-ended question and a bit personal, she will feel more passionate talking about it. The question helps you learn a bit about her values, career, dreams, and even her family. This seemingly straightforward question can potentially turn into a full-blown conversation.

Ask about Her Views on Money

Money is important in life, but how important it is for your potential dating partner will help you make important decisions. Ask what she would do with a 100 grand. A financially savvy girl might say she would invest it or buy a new property or something like that. A generous woman might say she would give most of it to charity. And a materialistic person would want to spend it all on cars and accessories.

Ask about Her Favorite Things

Her online dating profile will reveal her interests. Does she like to read? Ask about her favorite book. If she has mentioned her love for movies, ask about her list of top 10 movies. The same holds if she says she loves music, singing, or dancing. A closer look at her profile will help you craft a perfect dating question to get to know her better.

Ask a Funny Question

Her profile would give it the kind of person she is. You can craft a funny question accordingly. Sometimes, it could be just as simple as asking what she thinks is the better discovery between Amazon and Avocados. It looks random and does not make great sense either but expect her to laugh at it. The senseless comparison is what makes it ridiculous but hilarious at the same time.

Ask Her about the Animal She Loves

Knowing if she is a dog lover or a cat person will help you judge her personality a little. If she is into panda bears, know that she is independent and likes to live in her own space. If she has a bird, she is probably seeking freedom or wants to escape something in her life.

Ask about Her Best Friend

Be sure to make her highlight what she truly likes in her best friend. You will get a better idea about the type of people she gravitates toward. Another similar question would be about people she admires in general. There is always a reason why someone deems influential figures important. You will learn a lot about her by knowing why she hopes to emulate someone.

Ask about Her Favorite Drink

Make it more specific and ask about her go-to drink on a date night. A standard question, really, but it sends a signal of what you have on your mind. And it is always cool to know if you are getting wine drunk, splitting pitches, or simply enjoy an ice-cold cola on your date night.

Ask What She Is Really Passionate about

People's faces would light up, and there will be a twinkle in their eyes while talking about their passions. They can talk forever, explaining more about their true passions. You are enjoying online dating, and she is behind a piece of technology, but the question will still make you feel her excitement.

Ask about Her Relationships

As it is a bit personal, leave it for the last. Build a rapport first, spend some time discussing other more generic stuff, and then drop this question to learn more about her idea of commitment.

Ask about Her Success with the Dating App

It is yet another subtle way to ask a bit about her past relationships. She would think you are asking about how she rates the app, but it is more about her way of finding and handling new relationships.