Know about 10 Simple Ways to Get Him to Notice You

Know about 10 Simple Ways to Get Him to Notice You

Imagine you meet a new guy, and you instantly fall for him. Now, you do not want to make the first move, but you find it hard to sit there and patiently wait for him to do something. Does this situation sound familiar? So many women experience the same situation and often fail to enjoy dating because they are a bit too shy to make any move. Thankfully, there are ways to attract a guy and make him notice you. While there are different kinds of mantras about dating intelligent guys, you can always start sending subtle signals to make him fall for you. Be sure to embrace yourself first, work on your timing, and leave the rest to your luck.

Here is what else you can try:

Always Dress to Impress

Whether you are hunting a nice guy for dating or not, always come prepared and grab the opportunity whenever it comes by. No matter what you think or believe, men do notice your clothes. While they would not obsess over accessories, colors, and other details, they will consider how well you manage to carry yourself. Let your outfit focus more on your good sides. Do not feel shy to flaunt those curves by making smart wardrobe choices. Know where to draw the line, though.

Use Your Makeup Smartly

You should always put your makeup skills to the best use. Understand that less is more when you are still hoping to find a guy for dating. Of course, you should not let him witness your "straight-out-of-bed" edition, but do not overdo it. Pick the right makeup type for the right occasion. After all, you should not be wearing fake eyelashes, lots of glitters, and red lipstick for a casual coffee date. When trying to attract a guy for dating, looking like you are not wearing any makeup is the way to go. You can accomplish it with a little bit of concealer, foundation, mascara, blush, and some lip gloss.

Be Sure to Smell Good

Men would always notice the scent of the opposite sex, so make no compromises here. So many times, you can knock him off his feet with the smell of your perfume mix with your body scent. Avoid using too heavy perfumes, though – you are not here to give him a headache, are you?

Smile More

Wear your happy face everywhere you go, and your smile will attract men towards you. The good idea is to choose a place that makes you happy from the inside. When there are men around, your inner happiness will make you look like the prettiest person on the planet. So, have a good time, relax, and smile more.

Use Your Secret Weapon: The Eyes

Find a way to lock eyes with your desired partner and convey your true feelings without any verbal communication. Use your eyebrows playfully, alter your expressions a little, bring some intensity into your gaze, and maintain that connection for a short while. Usually, that is all you require to make him realize you are up to something naughty.

Never Compare

Something that would always lead to a disastrous dating experience is your habit of comparing yourself to other women. Whether you are trying online dating or hoping to find a dating partner offline, just forget about how pretty other women look. Maintain an air of confidence about yourself, and you will look as gorgeous as anyone at the party. Making a comparison would only leave you frustrated that would kill your chances to find a dating partner.

Go and Ask for His Help

It is important to grab his attention if he has not already noticed you around. You do not have to show your love at this point, but never feel shy to ask for his help. Men love it, and they go the extra mile to be helpful. Consider your surroundings and then think of something you can ask him to kick-start a conversation.

Shed Some Light on Your Hobbies

Once you manage to strike up a conversation, keep it going by talking about your hobbies or other little things you do. It could be about your yoga classes, a book you read last week, or what you do to get a good night's sleep. Do not think it is insignificant; the idea is to stay there and make him listen to what you say. He would definitely feel attracted by hearing more about your "centered and balanced lifestyle."

Bite Your Lips

Sending subtle signals while maintaining a conversation will help attract any guy and make it easier to find a new dating partner. Play with your locks, expose your neck, throw him a nice smile, and do not forget to bite your lips. No man can ignore these body language signs and will realize you have an enormous desire for him.

Do Not Look Desperate

Showing how much you desire his company is one thing but looking desperate is something different - avoid it. Work on your self-esteem first and come across as a high-quality woman to attract a high-quality man. Present yourself as a valuable girl worthy of his attention. Think of yourself as an interesting, appealing, and gorgeous woman, and approach with this attitude to become as irresistible as it can get.