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It can sometimes seem like an uphill battle selecting the best dating sites to introduce you to eager singles males. There are a lot you choose from, but then again, how can this possibly be a bad thing? Far better to be spoiled for choice than not having enough options! Because online singles dating has become such a popular activity these days, you will certainly have no problem coming across a range of possible websites for men to sign up to. is a dating hub that will provide you with all the information you could require before making an informed decision about which site to go for. We have assessed a cross-section of dating sites for single men in terms of their functions and ease of use, together with an overall marking out of five.

iamnaughty logo
4 /5

Although there’s no app of IamNaughty, the version optimized for mobile device use contains all the features you would expect to gain access to when you sign up using the desktop website for singles. When you alight on the introduction page you’ll be presented with a cross-section of the site’s current membership, giving a snapshot of the type of singles action you can expect to come across once you commit to giving this outlet your attention.

naughtydate logo
4 /5

What sort of background are you seeking when you look for single men to date? Naughtydate aims to give you instant access to a diverse range of potential contacts, but the dating pool is so much wider than many similar outlets. A glance at the fantastic array of topics listed at the foot of the homepage reveals you can contact single men from as far afield as the Far East and Europe.

quickflirt logo
5 /5

What better introduction to a dating site if you’re a newcomer is a glimpse into the possibilities, based on the individual testimonies of singles who have already signed up and are making the most of the matchmaking options. You can read a variety of singles success stories, giving you a taster of what to expect once you have taken the plunge and completed your application. Download the free QuickFlirt app from GooglePlay and take your singles with you everywhere.

tenderfling logo
5 /5

This is a website that is aimed at single men who have already had a little experience of online dating, although that’s not to say newbie singles will relish the extensive tools provided for getting in touch with prospective single partners. Rather than being restricted to chatting to one contact at a time, you can communicate with multiple site users. Another interesting function is ‘flirtcasts,’ designed to give you some advice about instigating flirty chat.

together2night logo
5 /5

Another site that dispenses with the need to have a separate app, because the mobile phone version is just as compact as any handheld device could require. Together2Night offers many possibilities and is worth bookmarking.

Top dating sites

Why you should choose from these dating sites for men

Here’s why you should select one of these best dating sites for men.

  • We appreciate that if you are relatively new to Internet dating, the sheer diversity of available outlets can sometimes be overwhelming. With so many titles to choose from, how do you decide which of these fantastic outlets for men would best serve your purposes?
  • We have employed the services of dating experts who have reviewed a variety of dating websites for men, assessing them in terms of the functions they offer their members.
  • Once you have taken this information on board, you will be in a much better position to decide which particular service would be most appropriate.
  • Each of these resources will have its particular features that have drawn a loyal customer base.

Some of the pros and cons of dating sites for men


  • Dating sites for men are usually very user-friendly. Even if using the Internet to connect with prospective partners is quite a new experience for you, you will quickly get attuned to how easily you can create a personal profile, as well as compile search forms to find your ideal matches in the online environment.


  • One of the main disadvantages is that it can quickly become addictive to interact with other members in the virtual environment. Because it is so simple to establish a rapport, you can find yourself spending a lot of time sending intimate messages when you should be thinking about dates.

Advantages of going online to find male partners

When you join a dating site, you will instantly gain access to the personal details of so many like-minded individuals. Each of these singles has chosen to upload their contact details to a matchmaking outlet for the same reason. They are all eager to connect with a suitable candidate for a relationship. This means you are far less likely to encounter any of the timewasters you might have come across when you were seeking potential partners in some of your neighborhood offline locations, like bars or social functions.

Disadvantages of using a dating service for men

Because it is relatively easy to join a dating outlet, there is an outside chance you might come across individuals who are not as committed as you to the process of searching for a compatible partner. But although motivations can vary, these websites are so popular that you will always have a diverse range of potential partners to choose from. As soon as you get the sense that someone isn’t right for you, you can swiftly move on to another single who fits the bill.

This is how we review dating sites for men

Our reviewers assess the best dating sites for men based on various criteria.

  • One of the first things they consider is how user-friendly any particular site is in terms of layouts, and how successful the interfaces are in integrating color schemes and fonts.
  • Sometimes these are well laid out, providing a pleasing experience for newcomers. But in some cases there can be too much information clamoring for attention, resulting in overly fussy homepages.
  • The optimum website design for any dating platform should be clean and modern looking, with an abundance of eye-catching images – after all, the object of these outlets is to entice you in to interact with attractive singles!
  • We also look into other aspects, such as what services are free, and which features require subscriptions? Once we have reviewed any site, we provide a star rating.

Special features offered by dating services for single guys

One of the prime motivations for introducing site users is finding the most compatible individual. All the aforementioned websites employ algorithms that will help to match you with the most appropriate individuals based on the details you submit with your application form. A key question for consideration is your location. Many of today’s dating sites for men use what is known as ‘geolocation’ technology – a sort of dating ‘satnav system’ – that will allow members to pinpoint potential dates in their proximity.

Free bonuses you’ll find on dating sites for men

A lot of the dating resources we’ve pointed you towards are geared towards making it as simple as possible to connect. There may well be free communication channels that allow you to interact with other members, sending intimate texts as you get to know each other. Depending on the frequency of this type of contact, you might find that you need to upgrade your membership so you can keep chatting indefinitely. But when you’re on a quest to find the right person for a relationship, surely this would be a small price to pay?

Which online dating sites for men are the best?

Check out Tenderfling and QuickFlirt, and you won’t go wrong with dating for men.

Discovering the most trusted dating platforms for male singles

All of the sites we’ve recommended can be trusted, so you’ll have nothing to fret about.

Which devices are most appropriate for single men?

Desktop access or mobile phones, these dating sites for men have been constructed to be user-friendly.


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