Best dating sites for black singles

If you pop ‘black dating sites’ into your search engine, you will receive a lengthy list of results. Because singles dating has become such a popular activity, it would be safe to say you are likely to find yourself spoiled for choice. So if you are eager to contact a cross-section of charming and sensual black singles, how do you decide which of the many outlets would provide you with access to someone truly compatible? If you’re relatively new to Internet dating, the sheer abundance of matchmaking services can sometimes seem a little overwhelming. But that’s where comes into the equation. We have been assessing dating sites for long enough to have developed an excellent reputation for the advice and guidance we provide singles. Once you pore over our reviews of the black dating sites, you’ll have a much better understanding of which outlet would be most appropriate.

ebonyflirt logo
5 /5

EbonyFlirt is an excellent outlet for black dating, as well as being popular with singles from any ethnic background. It caters to gays and lesbians and has an international singles membership (mostly from Africa and South America, although this black dating site is also popular with Western singles. You can create an account for free and try out functionality. Registration is seamless, and you can get five free daily chats, and send photos. The search function is free, and you can find black singles based on location.

iwantblacks logo
4 /5

Although this site offers a three-day trial to newcomers, its communication features aren’t as comprehensive as Ebonyflirt. To send messages you’ll have to upgrade to a premium membership. There are certain free features, such as sending ‘winks’ to other singles who have caught your eye, as well as adding members to your ‘favorites’ list. A ‘safe mode’ can be utilized to provide extra security when you are interacting with other users of this black dating site.

onenightfriend logo
5 /5

This singles website has a clean and functional interface designed in fetching blocks of yellow and white. An excellent feature is the testimonies displayed on the homepage, relating the success stories of a cross-section of site users. Although it doesn’t specifically target black singles, it does accommodate a huge cross-section of site users from a variety of cultural backgrounds. There is also an Android and iOS-compatible version.

blackpeoplemeet logo
3 /5

This is a comprehensive dating service, primarily aimed at black singles, although it welcomes newcomers regardless of their background. Amongst the more noteworthy aspects are safe dating tips and guidelines, available in the menu near the foot of the homepage. You can also sign up to become an affiliate marketer, or take advantage of the site’s popularity to advertise on its platform. This site has a free-to-download app compatible with Android and iOS.

blackcupid logo
3 /5

This is a well-designed and user-friendly site, with a welcoming homepage. As well as success stories, new singles are presented with an easy three-point guide to getting started on this resource – creating a profile (claiming this can be done in seconds), browsing profiles of the extensive member database, and then communicating. BlackCupid is also available as an app that is free to download, compatible with Android and iOS.

Top dating sites

The benefits of selecting one of these dating sites for black singles

Dating sites for black singles represent the most convenient platform you could imagine for reaching out to interact with kindred spirits. Unlike offline settings you might have tried, such as nightclubs frequented by black singles, it is easier to get acquainted with other singles when you take advantage of online communication services. When you hang around in any of the aforementioned locations, your options are restricted to the pool of talent you happen to be sharing that venue with. When you sign up to a black dating site, you’ll gain access to an unlimited range of personal profiles. When you complete the application form, the information you provide can be filtered through that site’s algorithms to provide a range of matches.

Outlining the pros and cons of each of the black dating sites

Once you have become a member of one of these dating sites, you are in control. You can proceed at your own rate, choosing who to interact with, and which approaches to block if you don’t get the right vibe. You will find it easy to strike up a rapport when you exchange intimate messages with an interested party. The relaxing atmosphere will quash any inhibitions. Where cons are concerned, the main issue people often report is fake profiles – thankfully these tend to be rare.

Advantages of going online to find black singles

It can be easy to home in on suitable singles based on compatibility. As you browse through the personals, keep an eye out for individuals who strike a chord in terms of the hobbies they have specified. Discovering common ground is always an important building block when you’re establishing a connection with an exciting black single. You are under no obligation to continue communication with someone if you are sensing a lack of chemistry - with so many profiles to choose from, you will quickly find alternatives!

Disadvantages of using a black dating service

Some singles complain it is still easier to get to know someone in the real world. Dating sites are fine for making the initial contact, but they will never replace the ability to gauge someone’s true character when you meet face-to-face. As you exchange text messages, it’s possible to pick up the wrong meaning. But when you meet in the flesh you will have a much better chance of assessing how genuine someone is by observing their facial expressions.

The criteria we use to review black dating sites for singles

We take various factors into account when we write our reviews of black singles dating platforms. Are these outlets user-friendly, particularly where new singles are getting acquainted navigating them? Does the interface present a picture that would entice newcomers to want to keep coming back? But one of the most important criteria of all is the content. Some of the dating sites we have reviewed look fantastic, but once you begin checking out their articles, there might be typos or poor grammar. We will look into every aspect of what’s on offer so we can provide an honest appraisal. Once you have this information to hand, you’ll make a much better judgement whether this particular resource would be ideal for your dating aspirations.

Special features offered by black matching services

Typical black dating sites will offer a variety of functions to singles. Some will be free, but where features are more sophisticated you might expect to pay a certain amount for the privilege of using them. Amongst the functions that are often provided are the ability to contact potential singles informally, either by liking their profile pages, or by sending ‘winks.’ You can look upon these as the virtual equivalent of strolling into a bar full of black singles, catching someone’s eye, and then flashing an enticing smile to let them know they have an admirer.

Examples of free bonuses offered by black dating

A typical free feature we have encountered when reviewing black dating sites is the ability to create a login and profile without subscribing. This is a common feature with dating websites, where the focus is on enticing new customers, offering them a flavor of what to expect. Most sites will also offer some degree of free communication, either by texting or emailing, allowing site users to get to know each other well when establishing a bond.

Which online dating site for black singles is most recommended?

For its user-friendly navigation and free registration, our top selection is EbonyFlirt.

How to find a trustworthy dating site for black singles?

Refer to our reviews - all these sites are aboveboard and geared towards customer satisfaction.

Which devices are most suitable for black dating sites?

These sites are flexible, whether as desktop or app versions. Check the reviews for accessibility.


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