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How do we assess the best singles dating sites? You would think that surely every dating platform must ‘work,’ or else they wouldn’t attract many new customers! It’s not as simple as that. Because online singles dating has become one of the most popular leisure activities of the modern age, it’s an unfortunate fact that the quality of what’s on offer can vary greatly. Most dating sites do, indeed, work; but some work so much better than others! At we have tasked our team of dating experts with the responsibility of checking out a range of dating resources, giving an objective opinion about which of these sites provided the optimum service for local singles.

flirt logo
4 /5

A long-standing singles dating resource, the large global membership is a testament to the fact that this site works! Currently, there’s no Android or iOS-friendly app version, but the mobile app version contains all the functionality of the desktop but on a pocket-sized scale! The search filters are ‘all members,’ ‘online now,’ and ‘new members,’ allowing you to home in on the type of person you think would make the ideal partner. An interesting feature is the option to sign up to check the possibility of online ads.

askme4date logo
4 /5

This site and app make it very easy to meet singles, and the homepage is eye-catching, with links to a variety of sub-topics ranging from romantic chat to singles interested in the younger male older female dynamic (if you hanker after vibrant cougars, this is the site for you!) The singles you can get introduced to hail from every corner of the globe, so if you have a penchant for Latvian lovers or Maldives hookups, you’ll be spoiled for choice!

iwantu logo
4 /5

A relatively new website, also available as a downloadable singles app, IwantU is mainly geared towards English-speaking singles, with its primary membership located in the UK, Australia, the USA, and Canada. This would be an ideal place for newbies to get to grips with online dating, with hospitable chat room facilities where you can get involved in flirty dialogue with charming singles.

naughtydate logo
4 /5

This is another dating outlet that works and will introduce you to an incredible cross-section of talent. The choice of sub-topics after you’ve scrolled down the homepage is immense. As well as dating partitioned into separate countries, from Russia to Western Europe to the Philippines, there is a host of more generic subjects. Cougar dating. BBW dating. Interracial dating. Polyamorous dating. There’s something for everyone.

quickflirt logo
5 /5

One of the first things you’ll notice about this dating site that works is the array of site users who have shared their success stories prominently on the home page. Some of them recommend the communication channel, others the sheer variety of other singles you’ll get the opportunity to interact with. The flexible app version is downloadable from GooglePlay.

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There are many reasons why you should choose dating sites that work when it comes to finding the ideal resource for connecting with a prospective partner. If you have previously attempted to connect with like-minded individuals who might also be looking for singles in your neighborhood, have you tried offline resources? If you have been used to hanging around in nightclubs or visiting social functions, but have yet to connect with anyone appropriate, this will have nothing to do with you, and everything to do with looking in the wrong places! Online dating is undoubtedly the optimum environment where you will be able to connect with a diverse array of suitable singles looking for a partnership. We have assessed a variety of dating sites that work, with our reviewers providing information about the type of singles service offered. We have even summarized with markings out of five stars.

Some of the pros and cons of sites that work


Using online dating sites is by far the most effective way of coming across ideal singles for romance. All of the sites we have highlighted rely on compatibility, so you will quickly find yourself homing in on individuals who would be the most suitable candidates for romance.


In certain instances, the singles using the dating sites will be looking for different things in a relationship. This can cause misunderstandings, especially if you are busy flirting with someone in the hope of arranging casual encounters, where they are looking for something much more serious.

Advantages of online dating resources

Using dating sites that work will introduce you to far more exciting and interesting singles than you’d ever come across by simply hanging around in offline outlets. So forget any past disappointments you’ve experienced when trying to connect with other singles in your local nightclub while being surrounded by other singles clamoring for attention. Once you’ve registered with this dating site, you’ll be in for a treat. We have become such a popular resource for introducing singles to dating sites that work, we’re only too happy to continue providing this service.

Disadvantages of singles dating services that work

Singles dating sites can be guaranteed to match you with someone completely compatible, at least not straight away! It might take you a little time and a few false starts before you connect with a love interest. But along the way, you can have a lot of fun narrowing down the possibilities. Isn’t there a nursery rhyme about the princess who was forced to kiss a few frogs before meeting her Prince Charming?!

How we decide to review singles dating services

To present the best picture of online singles resources, we have provided an overview of a selection of those we have found to be the most flexible and user-friendly. The first thing our expert reviewers will always consider is how easy it is to find your way around the web pages. We will also look into the effectiveness of the functionality on offer, outlining which particular features are most attractive. Any of these sites will get a special mention if they provide background guidance for their members, over and above the platform where singles can interact. If there are chat rooms and forums where you can mingle with the other site members, gaining some knowledge about what’s on offer elsewhere on the site, that’s an obvious plus. Extra brownie points will be given to those dating services that include regular blog posts, allowing site users to gain confidence.

Special features offered

Dating sites will offer you a range of methods of getting in touch with the other members. You can start by entering the chat room and introducing yourself to the cross-section of site members you’ll encounter here. You can get involved in all sorts of interesting group discussions, widening your social circle, and even suggesting conversation topics of your own. If you grow tired of the general chat, you could always home in on whichever one of the other singles has most caught your eye, then indulge in some one-on-one contact.

Examples of free bonuses offered by dating sites that work

Dating sites that work are all about giving their members the foresight and courage to break the ice with potential partners. Many of the sites we’ve highlighted will provide their users with the facility to send a ‘wink’ to alert other singles that you are interested in getting to know them a little more intimately. This is an informal way of letting someone else know you find them attractive, without forcing you to think of elaborate texts to gain their attention. If your views are reciprocated, you will be good to go.

Which online services are the best?

AskMe4Date will set you on the way to exciting relationships with its handy app.

How to find a dating site for singles that is trustworthy

Just read the reviews we’ve provided for you – you’ll come across a suitable site quickly.

Which devices are most suitable?

Do you own a handheld gadget? Check our reviews of mobile sites and apps.


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