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One aspect of online singles dating that tends to deter newcomers is the uncertainty of not knowing how trustworthy a particular service might be. The Internet is always full of scare stories about website legitimacy, as negative rumors sometimes gain more traction than those focusing on the excellent service provided by the vast majority of legit dating resources. If you are at all worried about fake profiles or sites that have allegedly been set up to scam individuals, we will alter your mindset with some common sense. has been set up to investigate the best legit dating sites for our clients for long enough to have gained a solid reputation for identifying only the most respectable outlets. Our comprehensive reviews look into every aspect of a range of singles matchmaking platforms, and we will only ever provide information relating to legit singles dating sites.

gaystryst logo
5 /5

If you are specifically seeking same-sex singles, look no further than GayTryst. Another site with a straightforward interface, although there’s no app, the mobile version is smartphone-friendly and will provide all the functionality you could require. Links at the foot of the homepage will introduce you to a host of sub-topics, such as gay Jewish, Muslim, or Christian dating, as well as black gay hookups, and many more options.

lesbiedates logo
5 /5

This is a relatively new legit dating site, aimed at lesbian singles, but it is already garnering a strong reputation for reliability. The interface is strictly no-frills, and although it is a little text-heavy, what more could you ask for if you want to find out maximum information in a small space? There are also links at the foot of the homepage to bisexual singles dating options, while the overall ambiance of the site is of relaxation and user-friendly singles communication.

iwantblacks logo
4 /5

This is the ideal site for you if you have a taste for what the homepage refers to as ‘ebony singles.’ With a large membership across the globe, particularly in Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America, this site is perfect for flirting with singles from ethnic backgrounds. There is a ‘safe mode’ you can utilize for extra layers of security when you are online.

upforit logo
3 /5

If you’re looking for legit no-strings-attached encounters, Upforit offers a three-day trial, and the ability to send up to five free messages to other singles a day. You’ll have to subscribe to the membership structure if you want to send unlimited messages, but if you’re serious about your legit dating aspirations, this type of functionality is normally what would be expected. No app, but there is a mobile version.

flirt logo
4 /5

A longstanding legit dating resource, popular with a cross-section of singles, from straight individuals to gays and lesbians; single men or single women. Ideal if you are a newcomer to online dating, you’ll soon find your feet with the array of quick resources you can get to grips with. Particularly eye-catching are the geographical dating options further down the homepage, giving access to legit dating opportunities across the globe.

Top dating sites

Why you should choose one of these legit dating sites

You should choose legit dating sites for the simple reason that these outlets offer the best opportunity for connecting with kindred spirits if you are looking for any sort of relationship. Perhaps you have previously tried to connect with like-minded individuals by hanging around in local bars or nightclubs known to be frequented by a single clientele? If you have yet to bond with anyone appropriate for romance, this will have nothing to do with you, and everything to do with the fact you have been looking in the wrong places! Once you go online and choose a legit dating site to interact with potential singles, your chances of finding the right person increase dramatically.

Pros and cons of legit dating sites


These singles websites are all very easy to use. The registration process is straightforward and can be completed in minutes. Once you have signed up to become a member, you will be given free rein to browse through the personals, getting acquainted with a cross-section of fabulous singles.


The downside of using any legit dating site is that you can never be 100% sure of the motivations of the person you are chatting to until you get to know them. In the initial stages of online discussions, you might come across a variety of individuals, but they won’t all be as honest as you.

Advantages of legit dating services

Legit dating sites are a fantastic resource for meeting other singles if you feel slightly awkward when you are socializing. The secure communication platform offered by these singles resources will give you the self-awareness to strike up intimate conversations with fellow site members. In no time, you will find yourself developing the determination to engage in frequent suggestive discussions, injecting your texts with flirty asides! You will find it incredibly easy to develop a real sense of chemistry with the other users.

Disadvantages of subscribing to legit dating

One of the disadvantages of using a legit dating site is that it can become tempting to avoid meeting up in the real world if you become too comfortable with the digital connection. There is nothing wrong with feeling comfortable in this environment, and relaxing as you let your keyboard do the talking when you are engaging with another single online. But if you are to have the best chance of instigating a relationship, it would still be far more advantageous to arrange to liaise in the real world.

How we review legit dating sites

We review legit dating sites by asking our resident legit dating experts to select a cross-section of these outlets and then look at what they offer their clients in some depth.

  • They will consider aspects such as the overall service they offer. Do they present a strong brand awareness with easily identifiable color pallets and fonts, or do they tend to merge into the background noise of similar dating sites?
  • What kind of functionality do they offer for free, compared to what is available for customers who have chosen to subscribe to the feepaying membership options?
  • Once we have assessed the various positives and negatives of any of these dating outlets, we will provide an overall assessment based on stars out of five. This snapshot will give you a competent overview.

Special features offered by legit date services

These sites will offer a variety of special features to singles. One of the most popular of these is the chat rooms that are available 24/7. This is where new starters can introduce themselves to a vibrant cross-section of the existing site users, becoming acquainted with a diverse range of prospective partners and getting involved in group discussions. This is the perfect outlet for increasing your social circle, and if you are starting from the point of view of being a little shy when flirting with strangers, you will find that the relaxing atmosphere is perfect for banishing inhibitions.

Free bonuses offered by legit dating outlets

All of these legit sites will offer free registration. This process can generally be accomplished in a matter of minutes. All you are required to do is complete the webform you will tend to find on the right-hand side of the homepage. Once you have filled in the basic details, you can commence building your profile – again this is a service that is usually free to members. Make sure you are as creative as possible when you are compiling your details, striving to make yourself sound as if you are interesting and exciting.

Which legit dating site is most recommended?

Flirt is a longstanding legit dating service, covering a variety of popular dating topics for its members.

How to find a legit dating site

We only review legit sites on this page, so we’ve already searched them out for you.

Most suitable devices for legit dating sites?

We have provided information about accessing any of these sites by remote devices.


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