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With so many dating sites to choose from, it can be difficult deciding which of the many similar-looking platforms would provide you with the liveliest opportunities. This is where comes to the fore. We have been assessing a variety of dating websites for long enough to have developed a formidable reputation for providing excellent guidance for singles. We have looked into the merits of various popular singles dating sites, examining what they offer their customers. Because we have taken the trouble to do the groundwork, all you have to do is sift through the information and choose the website that would best serve your needs. Our expert dating advisers have even given each of these singles sites a mark out of five to give you an even more accurate appraisal.

benaughty logo
5 /5

Available as a desktop version or a downloadable app, BeNaughty is a great-looking popular dating site that will find you other singles quickly, and with little fuss. If you are hoping to spread your relationship wings, you can hook up with singles in various countries across the world, including the USA, Canada, the UK, and Scandinavia. User-friendly navigation allows you to find your way around the features with minimal fuss.

onenightfriend logo
5 /5

This is another site designed in a contemporary style, and instead of a run-of-the-mill introduction to what’s on offer, the homepage plunges straight in with user singles’ success stories. This instantly paints a picture about what you can expect when you join the ranks of this user-friendly singles dating outlet, that is also Android and iOS compatible for app downloads.

flirt logo
4 /5

Flirt is one of the longstanding websites, operating for long enough to have developed a formidable reputation for its ability to introduce singles to prospective partners from a variety of backgrounds. Although there’s no downloadable app, the mobile-friendly version will provide access to a raft of functions to enable you to stay in touch with your singles contacts when you’re on the go.

ebonyflirt logo
5 /5

One of the most popular of all the singles sites we’ve examined on behalf of you, our eager singles, EbonyFlirt might portray glamorous-looking black site users on the homepage but welcomes people from every ethnic background. You are permitted up to five free chats per day, and interact with a cross-section of eager singles, a high percentage of whom are from Africa and Latin America.

eharmony logo
3 /5

If you’re hoping to join a popular singles dating site in the hope of arranging no strings attached encounters with a variety of casual partners, look elsewhere. This site is primarily aimed at those seeking a serious relationship, providing its site users with extensive introductory questionnaires that go towards establishing long-term compatibility.

Top dating sites

Here’s why you should choose one of our top popular dating sites

There are many reasons why you should refer to the sites we have mentioned if you are keen to home in on popular dating outlets, but we have decided to summarize these.

  • It is so easy to kindle those all-important sparks of chemistry once you get involved in online conversations.
  • You will find the digital environment is always conducive to encouraging open and honest discussion. You will soon be able to ascertain what you have in common with other singles - establishing hobbies or passions that you share is always such an important building block for the development of any relationship.
  • The more frequently you visit one of these singles websites and exchange messages with another site user, the greater the rapport you can develop. In no time you’ll be arranging to liaise with singles in the real world for proper dates.

The pros and cons of various popular singles dating sites


Once you sign up to become a member of a popular dating site for singles, you will be able to tailor your search forms according to the type of single you are eager to form a successful relationship with. This will allow you to home in on the most compatible individuals.


Because online dating has become such a popular activity, the marketplace is becoming increasingly busy. You will have to ensure your dating profile stands out, so highlight the points that make you an exciting and interesting person that any other singles would love to get to know better.

Advantages of signing up to popular dating sites

Popular dating sites come in such a variety, you’ll easily be able to narrow down the possibilities after checking out our reviews. From the outset, you can decide if you’d prefer to register with a dating service geared towards casual flings or put your trust in an outlet more focused on introducing kindred spirits with longer-term relationships in mind. You are in charge of your destiny, so you are under no obligation to hang around chatting to singles online when you don’t feel the chemistry is there. You can dismiss that site user and move on.

Disadvantages of some popular dating outlets

No dating site can 100% guarantee to match you with your ideal partner in a short timescale. You might have to accept that seeking the most appropriate person for your dating aspirations will be more of a marathon than a sprint. But with so many profiles of singles at your disposal, why would you want to rush into anything anyway? Yake advantage of the relaxing atmosphere provided by whichever one of the singles dating sites seems to tick your boxes. You’ll get to know a cross-section of suitable partners for a romance.

How we’ve reviewed our selection of popular dating sites

When it comes to assessing which popular dating sites would be best for your purposes, we look into a variety of features that enable us to assess any site’s worth on a scale of 1 to 5. We haven’t come across many sites at all falling into the lower part of this award scheme, as the vast majority of these resources have been designed by professionals with a satisfying customer experience in mind. Having said that, there will undoubtedly be subtle variations in the features offered to members, as well as how accessible different profiles are. Once you have signed up to one of these popular dating platforms, you will come across various ways of getting in touch with other site users. This is another area that we have put under the microscope when we have been reviewing these sites.

Special features offered by popular dating services

Popular dating sites will offer you a variety of excellent features to allow you to connect with compatible singles in your neighborhood.

  • The communication channel will always be secure, allowing you to develop the confidence to exchange intimate messages.
  • You’ll most likely have the option of indulging in texts, emails, phone calls, or video chatting.
  • A lot of these popular dating sites will also offer guidance and advice to their members, on a range of issues relating to dating and relationships. These often come in the form of blog posts that are updated regularly.

Free bonuses offered by popular dating resources

Most of the dating outlets we have reviewed will entice new members by offering free registration. The process tends to be very straightforward, relying on web forms that can be completed in minutes. For you to have the best chance of connecting with the most suitable person for a relationship, always be honest when you are answering questions about your age and location. The online environment is no place for even ‘white’ lies, as the truth will always come out at some point, perhaps when you and a new partner get together for the first time.

Which popular online dating site for singles is highly recommended?

OneNightfriend is a well-designed dating outlet that has built an excellent reputation for reliability.

Seeking out the most trustworthy popular dating sites

None of the reviews posted here have uncovered untrustworthy resources, so you’re in good company.

Which devices are most apt for these popular dating sites?

The reviews will inform you where sites are better viewed via desktop rather than apps.


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