How Long Do You Date Before Becoming A Boyfriend /Girlfriend

How Long Do You Date Before Becoming A Boyfriend /Girlfriend

A successful first date is often followed by a second. But many doubts whether they are in too much of a hurry - or, vice versa, see each other rarely? How do you know how much time is worth dating a person you barely know and what regarding texting before the first date?

Many people who have some experience in relationships have developed their views on how to build relationships. Usually, guys propose to date those girls they already know and with whom they managed to spend some time. In this case, it is easy to comprehend how the girl is feeling. You should remember or comprehend her behavior after the 2-3 dates. If the girl likes the partner, then she will proceed to communicate with him and walk. If the girl's sympathy has not appeared during this time or, on the contrary, even the one that was has disappeared, she will move away and avoid dating. It`s difficult to spend time with a person who does not even sympathize with you.

Basically, after 5-7 successful dates, the girl expects a proposal to become a couple from a guy. Accordingly, it does not matter for her what the proposal itself will be; the main point is that it should take place. You can make one of these 2 suggestions:

  1. Simple. Tell the girl that you like her and you want to date. If possible, clarify what you like regarding it. The girl will be glad that you decisively decided to start communication, but these emotions will quickly be erased from her memory.
  2. Deliberate. Buy flowers, book a table at a restaurant, dress up, etc. It will be unexpected; but pleasant. You will strengthen your future relationship: the girl will think that she implies a lot to you, and she tells this story to her friends to those emotions. They will remain in her memory for a long period.

Making an invitation via the Internet or SMS, you show disrespect and frivolity to your intentions.

If we talk about building the relationship itself, you need to decide what is important to you and what you seek.

  1. If you desire to build a real relationship, then at the beginning (first 3-4 months), you should spend at least 4 times a week with your partner. This time will be enough to get to know each other better, develop your feelings and build trust.
  2. If you are a busy person but desire to build a relationship, tell the partner that you will not pay much attention. Say that you would like to build a relationship despite the lack of time. If the partner likes you, then she/he will agree.
  3. You have more important goals than the relationship, but you like the partner so much that you are ready to try. State your views early in the relationship. If the partner is against it, then you will disperse, causing the least pain to each other. If the partner supports your decision, tell about your schedule, so she/he will not bother you with calls. If you are deprived of time for live dating, use calls and SMS daily.

Of course, not all people desire to see partners daily. Many value their freedom. You should talk regarding your views on such points. Then it will be easier to find a solution that works for both.


Relationship professionals believe there is a rule for the first months of a relationship! Yes, it happens that you meet a partner and since then communicate daily, or even start living together in a week. Or, vice versa, see each other once a month. There is a great option to date twice a week. So you both will have time for yourself to evaluate your feelings and get bored, and on the other hand, you are constantly in touch and do not lose emotional contact. Suppose your date more often (especially at the initiative of one of the parties). In that case, it may turn out that one invests in a new relationship much more and literally imposes itself on the other. And this, of course, daily one desires to avoid. If you see each other less often than, for example, on one workday and one day off, you can slow down the development of events to such an extent that you will date each time as if anew. Even though this is a recommendation from relationship specialists, the decision must be made based on many factors. Nobody has the right to forbid you to see each other day and get bored, parting for 10 minutes!